The following conference themes address issues including, but not limited to:

1. Language Curriculum Development (LCD)

a. Blended-learning environment
b. Outcome-based language learning
c. Task-based learning and collaborative strategies
d. Testing and evaluation
e. Education and language policy

2. Technology-Enhanced Language Learning (TELL)

a. Roles of technology
b. Use of information and communication technology (ICT)
c. Use of multimedia learning tools
d. Insights on mobile learning and E-learning
e. Social networking sites and language learning

3. Transformative Language Learning and Teaching
strategies (TLLT)

a. Utilisation and development of materials
b. Creative and innovative strategies
c. Alternative assessments
d. International and intercultural communication

4. Empowering Graduates Development and Professionalism

a. Graduate employability
b. Importance of language and communication skills
c. Importance of language for the industry
d. Roles and strategies of educational institutions

The official language for paper submission and presentation is English.