Presentation Format

The conference aims for four types of presentation modes which include the
1. Parallel paper presentation (20 mins)
  • Presenters are encouraged to spend 20 minutes on an interactive presentation and spend the last 10 minutes for discussion.
2. Parallel workshop presentation (60 mins)
  • Presenters are encouraged to conduct hands-on activities with the participants by sharing their best practices in language learning and teaching. Presenters are required to prepare all materials for their workshop session.

3. Poster presentation (4 hours)

The poster should contain the following information:

  1. Author(s) names and affiliations
  2. Title
  3. Introduction: Present the background information and purpose of the study
  4. Methodology: Address research design, materials, settings and participants of the study, preferably in graphical forms
  5. Findings: Present significant findings of the study, preferably in graphical forms
  6. Discussion & Conclusion: State what can be concluded from the study and state its implications
  7. References: Include significant references in APA format (maximum 5 references)


  • Content of the poster should be brief and concise highlighting only the important points.
  • All figures and tables should be titled.
  • Use lists of sentences rather than blocks of text.
  • Font size should be moderate to ensure that the information is adequately visible to the readers.
  • Do not use too much colours.
  • The poster should be printed in A0 or A1 size, preferably in portrait orientation.
  • Presenters can bring additional materials to be shared with the conference participants.
4. Virtual paper presentation
  • If you wish to present your paper but are not able to attend the conference in person, you can register for virtual paper presentation.
  • Virtual presenters need to submit their abstracts, and register for the conference.
  • To present virtually, presenters need to submit a PowerPoint presentation or any similar presentation tools. The presentations will be uploaded onto the conference website for conference participants to access. All presentations are accessible from 1-5 October 2015.
  • The deadline to submit the PowerPoint presentation is 10 September 2015. All presentations should be submitted to the secretariat at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. stating the abstract number.
  • To assist conference participants to better understand the presentation, it should include: 1) Author(s) names and affiliations, 2) Title, 3) Introduction, 4) Methodology, 5) Findings, 6) Discussion & Conclusion, and 7) Audio and Video files (if necessary).
  • Registered virtual presenters will receive a copy of the ICoLLT Proceedings CD, certificate of presentation and an invoice of the registration fee after the conference.


The topics of paper presentation should be based on the theme of the conference which is Reimagining Innovative Global Trends of the 21st Century Language Education.